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My recent reading has included a new study by the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and called The Evolving Value of Information Management. Published in late 2013, it explored the evolving value of information management in today’s society. The study … Continue reading


Core and Essential Title List

The annual revision of LibraryCo’s core and essential titles lists is now complete. The lists are current to April 2014. All associations are expected to acquire the titles on the Core Titles for an Ontario Courthouse Library list. Area and … Continue reading

Reminder re Continuing Education Bursaries

 The new year is the perfect time to start a continuing education program. LibraryCo has a generous bursary program for library assistants to earn their library technician diploma, and for library technicians and law librarians to further their education. In … Continue reading

2014 Technical Standards

The 2014 LibraryCo technical standards are now available. Associations are recommended to follow these standards when purchasing computer equipment. 2014 LibraryCo Technical Standards

Toolkit of Legal Resources and the Desktop Delivery Initiative

Want to learn more about the Toolkit and the Desktop? LibraryCo made a presentation to the CDLPA Plenary on November 15 with lots of information about the electronic resources, how the Toolkit and the Desktop will look in 2014 and … Continue reading