The Kent Law Association

Contact Information

425 Grand Avenue West
Room 402
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 6M9

Toll Free: 1-866-575-2529
Phone: 519-354-1510
Fax: 519-354-6774
Key Contact: Karen Lauterbach, Library Assistant
Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 8:30am to 2:30pm


Approximately 80 lawyers from Kent County, as well as the surrounding areas of Essex and Lambton counties.

Circulation Policy:

Members may sign out material for up to seven days. Pocket cards are located inside the front cover of books. Please sign and file alphabetically by surname in the outgoing file index. Law reports are signed out using the notebook located beside the file index for a period of up to seven days.

Special Collections:



Formerly the Municipal Building, it was renovated inside to accommodate the new Chatham courthouse in 2003. The library is located on the 4th floor.

Computer User Workstations:



The library has seating capacity for 12 and includes three work tables. Robing rooms with lockers for men and women and a small lawyers’ lounge are available. A TV with a VCR/DVD is located in the reading area.  The library has wireless internet. Please see the library assistant for the password. There are two printers for lawyers to use. The photocopier may also be used as a printer; when prompted for a password members should enter their photocopier PIN number. The cost for printing in the library is 25¢ cents per copy. Please record the number of copies on the sign-up sheet beside the lawyers’ printer. The photocopier/fax machine is available to members who will need to enter their PIN numbers before using. Photocopying is 30¢ per copy.


Wheelchair accessible at the courthouse entrance. Public entering the courthouse will have to go through security at the front doors. Members of the Kent Law Association use the staff entrance. An “Access Card” swipe plate is located beside the door. Kent Law Association is located on the 4th floor and an access card is required in the elevator. Swipe your card across the security plate and press the 4th floor button. Out-of-town lawyers can obtain an Access Card from Court Services located on the first floor. You will be required to leave a $25.00 cash deposit or your driver’s licence which will be refunded when the access card is returned.