Key Documents

i) Annual Reports

LibraryCo is mandated under the Unanimous Shareholder Agreement to prepare an Annual Report. This page provides links to all Annual Reports that have been published since LibraryCo was created.

ii) Current

LibraryCo Inc. Business Plan 2015-2017

Unanimous Shareholder Agreement (USA)

LibraryCo Law School Survey 2013

By-Law 13 of the Law Society of Upper Canada

By-Law 13, made May 1, 2007 and amended June 28, 2007, sets out the terms for the establishment and management of the county law libraries and LibraryCo Inc.

iii) Historical

LibraryCo Inc. Business Plan 2012-2014 set out LibraryCo’s strategic focus for the three year period from 2012-2014.  It was LibraryCo’s third business plan.

LibraryCo Inc. Business Plan 2009-2011 set out LibraryCo’s strategic focus for the three year period from 2009-2011.  It was LibraryCo’s second business plan.

The Roots of the County and District Law Library System is a background paper which includes an overview of the libraries pre-LibraryCo, the Elliott Working Group’s governance recommendations and the achievements of LibraryCo in its first five years of operation. (Autumn 2006)

LibraryCo’s Integration Task Force Survey of Members: Report of Findings reported on the survey of members of the Law Society of Upper Canada. The survey sought information on members’ legal research needs, law library use and expectations for legal information use in the future. (Spring 2006)

Out of the Box … and beyond the Walls!: Business Strategies for LibraryCo Inc. 2002-2005 was the first business plan for LibraryCo Inc. This document suggested a blended model system and established creative strategies to deliver law and law-related information to the lawyers of Ontario. (May 2002)

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